We work to unlock the abundance and gifts inherent in every community, organization, or group. We do this by holding space for connection and deep dialogue, by inviting each person into openness and vulnerability, by allowing a community to truly see itself and fathom the wealth of talents, dreams, ideas, and values that were always there.

Concretely, we host communities to enter resonant space with one another, so they may experience what it feels like to allow the energy of abundance to flow. And, we co-create and share the stories of each community that are the connective tissue of generative relationships.

Invariably individuals from each community we work with raise their hand and say they too want to learn how to host resonant space and narrate the stories of their community. Our work is not truly done until these individuals have heard their calling, so we can teach and mentor them the lessons we have learned. Our work is not truly done until local hosts and narrators are the experts in nurturing resonance in their own communities and homes.

Our communities are filled with more potential and wonder than we can imagine.

Behind every individual lies a wealth of gifts, skills and wisdom. Every relationship is an unknowable dance of unique souls. Every community is overflowing with abundance in ideas, knowledge, care, and drive.

Unlocking this abundance is what we’re all about.


Are your strategy processes predictable, conservative affairs in which the same known approaches hinder any real innovation or emergence?

We can host your strategy summit on the basis of the principles and practices of The Resonance Centre to foster deep connection, hear a broad diversity of voices, and co-create a truly collaborative strategy.

Have you experienced AGMs, board retreats, and annual gatherings with no sense of true connection and no possibility of fundamental change?

We can facilitate your organization’s event according to the principles and practices of resonance to create a unique experience of connection and the possibility of transformation.

Have you experienced town halls, community meetings, and planning sessions that are either dry and predictable, or contentious and negative?

We can host stakeholder-engagement events that nurture deep connection among participants, ensure that each voice is truly heard, and co-create an outcome that serves your purpose.

Are you disappointed in your strategic-development processes and the lack of innovation and insight they produce?

We support you in igniting your emergent strategy development through a combination of ongoing strategic dialogues and generative communications to cultivate the conditions for transformative change.

Are you fed up with unproductive meetings and conversations – convinced there must be a livelier, more productive way to gather and make decisions?

We specialize in training hosts in the generative practices that nurture personal connection, alignment with values, and the discovery of the collective wisdom within a gathered group.


Is your community ready to take the first step toward resonance? Toward deep connection with people and place? Toward active engagement by every member of the community?

The journey to resonance requires patience, trust, and determination. On that journey every community becomes enlivened, learning the principles and practices that break down loneliness and isolation, breaking the vicious circle of scarcity thinking and breaking through to abundance.

A Sensing Summit is a one-day event to begin this journey. During a Sensing Summit communities curious and called to being different experience for themselves what it means to jump into a discovery process with complete strangers, to explore in the spaces in between, to cross silos and social circles, to be truly open and authentic in community. Most importantly, Sensing Summits make clear that change happens at the speed of relationship. Period. Relationship with your soul, with sacred others, and the place that holds us all.

Our Sensing Summits can be convened on any topic, in your community, to introduce people to the world of possibility. Then you see what happens. Your community may then wish to found a Dialogue Series or a Citizen Summit.

Discovery Dialogues

A series of community dialogues, connected by working groups and narrative work, held over time (ca. 12-18 months) designed to sustainably establish the patterns and practices of resonance in your community.

A dialogue series is a number of in-person summits invited around a matter of great concern to a community. In these summits community members experience deep and transformative ways to gather together, over time, to connect with our own wholeness, with the sacred others we have yet to meet, and to enter into the dance of co-discovery. Any important question in your community can catalyze wholing and healing through deep dialogue. Over time, these dialogues become the soil in which the patterns and practices of resonant community are established. Working groups form around pockets of energy, enlivening people and ideas to become actively engaged community members. Narrative work – stories, films, poetry, images – all form a new narrative universe for possibility and wonder. Together, this ecosystem of summits, working groups, and narrative work organically cultivates conditions for transformative change.

If you have a powerful question, perhaps it is calling you into a Discovery Dialogue. What is your burning question?

Citizen Studios

Unique citizens’ groups designed to work in the space between government and civil society to unlock abundance, nurture connection, and encourage engagement.

Government as we know it is confronted with the possibility of irrelevance. The sweeping changes occurring throughout our communities are outpacing what governments can address. It is a matter of civic safety; there is urgency. Our government structures are not enough by themselves.

Citizen Studios are a generative complement to current government structures. Occupying a third space between official government bodies and the civic sphere, Citizen Studios are stable groups of citizens structured to come together and grapple with any important community question, discover the abundance of gifts and competencies already in their midst, and configure them anew to shape the community of their dreams. The patterns and practices they use to host and narrate their work are those of resonant communities through and through. Thus, Citizen Studios can organize and lead differently: authentic, responsive, flexible, and open to possibility.

That difference is what is needed. What if there was a Citizen Studio in your community to bring that difference to its fullest potential?

Keynote listening

Amazing conference kick-off that generates deep connection and focused intention through dialogue and listening.

Most conferences kick off with a keynote speaker. This can be a fascinating and inspiring way to start a day, but what about keynote listening? Imagine your conference being launched not with information directed at the participants, but with connection and intention built between them.

Keynote listening is a 90-minute group practice which primes the pump of your conference. Through skilled hosting and a few key questions, we at The Resonance Centre nurture a deep dialogue between participants that grounds each person in their intention, gently uncovers the choices most alive for them in the moment, and connects them with powerful strangers who can magically bring new life into their work. It’s an amazing experience on its own, but it also provides an incredible boost to everything that happens in the rest of the conference.

Narrative work

Stories, films, artwork, and images create a new narrative of resonance and possibility in your community.

Resonant community springs out of two fundamental community patterns. The first is convening – how a community gathers in openness, in diversity, in trust, and in curiosity. The second is narrating – the shared stories, sounds, and images that together create the intellectual and emotional foundation of how community members see and interpret their world. Many communities get convening right, while neglecting the potential of narrative. Narratives of all kinds – personal stories, films, poetry, music, and more – weave an understanding of what a community is and what is possible. Ignoring narrative is like not watering the garden: great intention, resources, and hard work can be brought down in no time. Imagine what would happen to your community if it soaked up a constant flow of ideas, personalities, and potential to nourish its growth.

The Way of Resonance Training Program

The Way of Resonance is a year-long program specially designed to teach the core practices of The Resonance Centre methodology and to support participants in living the practice in their own settings.

During The Way of Resonance Training participants step into their own mastery in hosting generative conversations, in holding space for groups, in creating the narratives that bind us together, and much more. Our goal is not to transfer knowledge, but to foster competency that can be used in any setting, in any organization, and in any community beyond the constraints of strict methodology or critical mass. When you are finished with The Way of Resonance, you will have begun to master a new way of being with others that naturally sparks resonance, generativity, and connection.

The year-long training encompasses four 2-day workshops, six personal mentoring conversations, and continuous online exchange with each training group.


We’re a pretty diverse bunch! Media, government, academia, corporate administration, branding, and entrepreneurship – we’ve covered a lot of bases.

Yes, we’ve had business failures and successes, years of self-denial, decades on the cushion, hosted over 400 events, and created thousands of media works.

But our past is not what defines us.

We are a family of choice. We have all heard the calling of resonance and abundance, generativity and community, and there’s no going back.

Peter Pula

Peter Pula

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith

Jocasta Boone

Jocasta Boone

Chuck Peters

Chuck Peters


Collectively we bring decades of experience – successes and failures – to our work at The Resonance Centre, spanning the business, government and civic spheres.

Below are four core areas that we are currently engaged in.

Enlivening Citizenship

Many people both inside government and without fear that our political systems are at risk of becoming obsolete. For the past year we have been collaborating with individuals in cities across Canada to explore the energy in reinventing the political process itself. We’re currently developing Citizen Studios as small groups of citizens active in nurturing resonance within their communities.

Peterborough Dialogues

The Peterborough Dialogues is a local, in place initiative that has, through Action Research refined deeply democratic, soul-crafting, and sacred dialogue practices. This, now two-year old commitment has delivered outstanding results in community building and a deep understanding of the powerful elements of community convening in a dozen dialogic forms and hundreds of hosted gatherings. A full and rich exploration has been presented by dialogue participants at www.peterboroughdialogues.media.

Global Community of Practice

We don’t do this work alone. We at The Resonance Centre are not the only ones walking this path. And we ourselves have found it invaluable to connect, share stories, and reflect with others who are doing this work. That’s why, in addition to our place-based work in individual communities, we have established a global community of practice to carve out this time and space for engaged practitioners around the world to gather.

Generative Journalism

The Resonance Centre for Social Evolution is folding into its initiative the brand and future of AxiomNews.com. For 18 years Axiom News has been a practice field for the creation of strengths-based, appreciative, community-building journalism. Axiom News has a rich history of cases in generative community change provoked by Generative Journalism.

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“To be present is to be open to resonance.” - Peter Pula "Whole people participate in whole communities in resonance with the whole of creation." Chuck Peters “When we gather, we are inviting people to fall in love differently.” - Peter Pula “Community is the way for us to stop the merry-go-round of destructive consumption and to fundamentally shift into the next step of social evolution.” - Peter Pula "Resonance can never emerge as long as we insist on consensus." - Ben Smith “The abundance present in a community of souls is infinite and immediately obvious.” - Peter Pula