What if we usher in a new epoch by weaving resonant communities together?


What if we gathered to celebrate a milestone, the evolution from one era to the next, and birth a new way of being in relationship and community?

What if we forged a history to look back on by sparking a genesis moment?

What if we could create a space for life – for wanderers and mystics, resonators and renegades to form a new family dedicated to sensing what life is calling forth in our communities?

We are gathering people like you who are working in community to break the dawn on a new day. It will be an experience of the heart of democracy in its deepest and most demanding ways.

This event is for you if you are a community builder, convener, host, or narrative artist ready to take the next leap in your practice and purpose. Are you searching for a deeper relationship with your Soul, Others, and Place? Are you feeling lonely and crazy and would like to remedy both? Are you ready to adopt, midwife, and nurture generative practices in the service of Life? Are you ready to discover Resonance?

In sacred dialogue and wild festival we will mutually awaken our intention, discover our gifts, and wonder, at what comes alive between us. Then we conjure and animate the connective, continuous tissue of works that nourish each of our communities.

We hold the possibility that together we could:

  • Ignite ongoing learning and working circles in generative practices
  • Unleash latent capital in and across our communities
  • Inspire generativity and resonance at home and around the world
  • Bring our narrative art and energies to life in a world-wide constellation
  • Mark our time together with Manifesto of the Moment to make history and declare our intentions

Resonate!2017 is over, and it was a great success. But it was only a beginning.

Come back soon for much more harvest material!!!