How do we steward resonance into our lives and communities?

1. See abundance

We are each filled with unfathomable gifts and talents; those around us are as well. When you look around, when you explore an idea, when you sense into a conversation, see the abundance that is there. In other words, always assume goodness and wonder.

2. Listen deeply

Resonance arises in interaction, in connection, in community. We nurture this emergence in many ways, but deep listening is one of the most powerful. When a voice speaks – your own or someone else’s – put aside your thoughts, take a break from advice and analysis, and quietly listen into the heart of what’s being said.

3. Connect and reconnect

The foundation of resonance is connection, deep personal connection with one another. If we make connecting a priority in every community we inhabit, then resonance will emerge. The simplest practice is to ask “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” again and again and again.

4. Invite wholeness and vulnerability

In every moment each of us is a living whole, filled with wonder, contrast, fears, dreams, confusions, images, and ideas. Resonant relationships thrive on the compost and sunlight of everything each of us can show up with in community. Let everything in that feels called: stories, feelings, images, anxieties, and more.

Resonance requires honesty, not consensus.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Resonant relationships are a practice. They are verbs, not nouns. The only way we can live in resonance is to return to practice, practice, practice. Otherwise, we can too easily fall back into patterns of fear and control, stifling resonance.

6. Step into your freedom

Akin to abundance, each of us is a fount of unimaginable power and will. Our own freedom is hard to look straight in the face. Yet, resonant relationships emerge when we step into our own freedom.

Don’t ask for permission. Don’t defer to any other boss, real or imagined. Don’t wait until everyone is “on the same page.” In other words, don’t give your freedom away.

Sure, gather input. Seek sage advice. Consider the wellbeing of the whole and each other. And then, act!

 7. Hold space for resonance

Resonance cannot be summoned, only invited. Like a wizard, we invite resonance by holding ourselves open in mind, in body, and in spirit to the heavenly guests we call.

Some individuals are gifted hosts of this space. Value these hosts.

Silence is a universal invitation. Allow silence in frequently.

Presence nurtures this space. Honor whatever is present right now.